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These are some of the delightful superlatives that come to mind when you see the dreamy pastels for summer in the newest designs by Devon Road Jewelry. The collection combines mystic moonstones and diamond-studded beads with an accent on muted hues of pink, blue... and the spray of colors emitted from natural diamonds. Whispers of summer and sunsets evoke a sense of ease and well-being. Pair these looks with the freshest styles off the runway to stay on trend for the season.


Moonstones are nicknamed “dream stones” in some cultures. Given their luminescence, shimmering qualities, incredible depth of color, and pastel tints, people in ancient times actually thought they were seeing the moon in this beautiful stone. Moonstone holds the power of mystery—it’s the talisman of protection for travelers and is a calming stone. There are different meanings in various civilizations but in most, moonstones are believed to bring good fortune, enhance intuition, offer protection and bring success in love and business matters. It’s always a great gift to give or to keep for yourself!

Mystic moonstones have an even more unique quality than regular moonstones because they’re coated with a micro layer of film that’s permanently bonded to the natural stone, providing an iridescent quality that highlights more of the pink, sand, and natural blue hues. The result is outstanding, as you can see!  Sand, sea, sunset combined into one beautiful bead.

Stretch bead bracelets of various sized beads with one diamond studded bead

Mystic moonstone necklaces, 14kt gold wire wrapping, 14kt gold charm

The trends for summer include flowy tops, romantic ruffled blouses and dresses, and of course, classic summer whites. Why not try wearing mystic moonstone jewelry as an alternative to classic pearls this season? These stones are fairly neutral with their muted tones, yet they add a twist of luxury and glamour to any outfit.


With open necklines as a “given” for the season ahead, a mystic moonstone necklace looks amazing when paired with colorful and patterned tops. Pink hues look incredible on most skin tones (and even better on tanned skin).

See you at the beach!




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